07 February 2010

Girls' Night Out

Last night Caroline and I had a girls' night out. We went to St. Andrew's to see the SAS players perform songs from Broadway shows. There was no admission fee and it was only a few minutes from our house, so I figured that we'd give it a try even if Caroline had a napless afternoon. She did great. We sat on the second row so the performers were very close to us. She loved the Charlie Brown songs and especially liked the upbeat songs when all the performers sang together on stage. It was so cute to see her clap and be really interested in all the songs and costumes.

As I sat there with Caroline on my lap, I looked around and saw all the proud parents in the audience. It occurred to me that one day I will be that proud parent watching my child perform. I feel certain that I will have at least one child that likes the stage, if not two! But, until then, I will hold on tight to the little girl who still likes to sit in my lap and enjoy these priceless moments.

On the way home Caroline said "Mommy, can I go to that school one day and do that?" I explained to her that while she may not be at that specific school, she could definitely be a performer (as if she is not already!). Chad asked her what her favorite part was and she quickly responded "the boys!" Maybe she was more interested in all the "cute boys" rather than the singing and dancing...we'll never know!

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About Over the Hedgerow said...

Isn't SAS great? At least it used to be...When I went to St. Mary's in Memphis, we would go to St. Andrew's to perform for them (our choir)....They were always so nice....We loved staying there.
Again, you are my hero for all you do, Mary!! Love, Susie Lovelady