07 October 2009

Just Stuff

Caroline and Tucker do a lot of talking these days. The best is seeing Tucker get so excited to see Caroline and say "Hi Carwine!" He does this every morning when he first wakes up. Just the other day he said "Mama...I scared." Another new one for him is "don't like it." Once upon a time he used to eat anything we put in front of him. However, he now has an opinion about what he eats...Seriously, chicken nuggets - "don't like it." Not true, I say!

Caroline has said a few noteworthy things recently as well. Just yesterday she said "being a Mommy is hard work." What a smart girl! She also told me while trying to get dressed that "I can do it by my-big-self." She has been calling Tucker "Buddy" a lot recently. "Buddy-you got to get in your car and close the door so the peoples don't get in your car." "Buddy-are you alright? You OK, Buddy?" It is really cute because he knows that he is her "Buddy" and she is talking to him when she says "Buddy."

I don't have any new pictures for this posting. I haven't been feeling well which means no pictures because that takes extra energy and time. Currently I don't have either! We have made lots of trips to the fire station at Tucker's request. "Mommy, fie-ya trucks" I hear every time we pass the road that the fire station is on. We also ride out to the riding center to see the horses. Today Caroline said "Where are the horseys Mommy...are they in their tables?" (yes tables, not stables!)

Caroline is still enjoying her dance (creative movement) class on Wednesday mornings. Both kids are having a great time with our Monday babysitter, Porter or "Poorda" as Tucker says. Tucker always cries when I leave but the babysitter informs me that it is just a show because he has usually stopped crying before I am even out of the driveway. He must have learned that one from Caroline!

Well, that's all for now. PMO bake sale tomorrow, DuBose formal at the end of the month, Halloween (costumes are about half way finished), auction in November and another craft fair to do in early December, then the final fundraiser for PMO on December 5th! Not to mention two more date nights to organize, Caroline's 3rd birthday party to plan and a trip to West Virginia this weekend...it never ends!

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