04 October 2009

What's Your Emergency?

This morning, as I was unloading the dishwasher, Caroline was apparently coloring on her legs with a red marker. (on another note, when I was taking this picture she said "Thanks for taking a good picture of my legs, Mommy.")

Meanwhile, Tucker was playing with the phone. To me this was better than him trying to climb in the dishwasher. Next thing I know, the phone is ringing and it was Kimberly. Kimberly, the 911 operator, was calling to make sure everything was ok because she had just received a call from this address. It seems as though Tucker had accidently dialed 911 and he was not answering her questions so she needed to find out what was going on.

I kept waiting for the lecture about how you should not let your children play with real phones for this exact reason. Kimberly was very nice and asked how old he was and told us to have a nice day. I can't help but wonder how he managed to dial "911." I have thought about that before (as he likes to play with the phone any chance he gets) but never thought it would really happen. Well, lesson learned and at least now we know the system works. Thanks, Kimberly!

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