26 October 2009

Downtown Asheville

On Saturday we went into Asheville to see what the downtown area was all about. We found lots of Indian food, street music, chocolate shops and dogs. Apparently Saturday was dog adoption day and dogs were everywhere! Lots of locals brought their dogs dressed up in Halloween costumes. Caroline's favorite was (surprise, surprise!) the princess fairy dog. I thought the hula dancing bassett hounds were pretty cute.

We ate lunch at an Indian restaurant. Chad and I enjoyed the buffet and Tucker even seemed to like it, too. Caroline finally caved in and ate some salad. We topped off lunch with some chocolate covered pretzels from the chocolate shop. Caroline loved looking in the front window at all the beautifully decorated hand-dipped apples.

***Although it probably isn't necessary, I would like to note that Caroline has very strong opinion about what she wears these days. Every now and then she will let me pick out her entire outfit. Yay! However, there are plenty of days that she picks out her own clothes. One thing is for certain...she will always have on the pink cowgirl boots!

Hattie and Caroline checking out the chocolate store.

Yummy chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzel made the afternoon!

Caroline and Ryan saw lots of things they wanted.

Caroline spent most of lunch coloring since she wasn't a fan of the Indian food.

"I want out!"

True tree-huggers!

These kiddos were too big for the stroller ... notice Caroline's crossed legs.

Playing on the iron while waiting for Mommy to come out of the yarn store.

Kiddos checking out the dog.

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