04 October 2009

Car Talk

Yesterday, Caroline was not convinced she needed to nap. However, we were having a bunch of people over for dinner and I wanted her to be well rested so she would be in a good mood while we had company. After refusing to nap, I told her fine, but she had to go in her room and "rest." To me that meant she needed to stay in her room and leave me alone so I could fix dinner.

After being in her room for about 15 minutes I heard the door open. She came out in just her shirt and pink tutu pushing her stroller. She looked at me and said "I'm just taking my kids to the park, Mom," and proceeded to walk out the back door onto the deck. All I could do was try not to laugh! I could see her out of the kitchen window and she was not bothering me so I caved and let her play.

She pulled all her vehicles in one area and talked and talked to herself. In the bottom picture you can see that she is holding a phone in her right hand...she spent some time talking on that as well.

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