20 September 2009

Polly Crockett Festival

On Saturday we made the trip down the mountain to Cowan to attend the Polly Crockett Festival. We went last year and the kids really enjoyed it so we thought we would try it again, despite the rain. All Caroline could talk about was the animals. She really wanted to go to the petting zoo. However, I am not sure she touched even one animal! Tucker petted the chicks, rabbits, goat and horse. Caroline acted like she was going to pet the rabbits, but they hopped away as soon as she got close enough. (I can't imagine why they would have been afraid!)

After we visited the animals, we went to the bounce house area. Tucker loved it and fell down immediately after standing up in the bounce house. It was really funny! For some reason, Caroline did not want to jump. I think she saw the bigger bounce house and wanted to get in that one, but it looked like it was for bigger kids. Well, it didn't matter because at about this time the rain returned. I make a quick stop for a funnel cake and then we ran to the car. It was a fun, but quick trip.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline & Tucker!
When your daddy was a little guy, he always wanted a rabbit. Every Easter he would ask the Easter Bunny to please leave him one, but he never did. Perhaps you all like little bunnies just like your daddy. I'm glad you all got to see some!
Love and miss you all,
Nena XOX