03 September 2009

New Addition

Today was an exciting day for Chad...we got a fish tank! I must say, this was not exciting for me. It was just something else that needs my attention. However, Chad has been wanting a dog, so in comparison I am just fine with goldfish! He got a great deal on classifieds so he couldn't resist. Caroline helped him set it up and put the fish in the tank. She was very excited (but I still think Chad gets the prize for most excited!). Finally the excitement wore off and she was able to take a nap. Not long after she went to her room for a nap, I heard Tucker saying "Mommy? Mommy?" Apparently he was finished napping and ready to get up. He still seemed a little sleepy and not quite awake...then he saw the fish tank and started smiling! He loved it, too! I put him right up on the counter so he could check out the fish. He kept saying "fish, Mommy!" So I guess this will not be the only time I am outnumbered in this house. That's OK...I'll take fish any day over a dog!


The Smiths said...

Love it! So cute! You need to get a Labradoodle, like us! They are the best dogs. For now it looks like the fish are your safest bet!!

Anonymous said...

Good choice...fish over a dog!! They don't shed, you don't have to walk them in the rain and they don't have to go to the vet!! Plus, they seem to be very soothing. Lisa