18 September 2009


Many almost 3 year olds say some funny things. I am finding that Caroline is saying more and more "funny" things that are too good to not be shared. So, I don't have any pictures with this post but her sayings are sometimes just as good as pictures. I often post some of her sayings on Facebook, but for those of you not in the Facebook world, here are a couple.

Last night a little before 8 pm, Tucker was in his crib and should have been sleeping. Instead, he is calling out "Carwine, Carwine!" In response, Caroline says, "It's ok Tucker I'm right here. Go to sleep. I'm just reading boring books."

Today on the way to Monteagle, we passed the field where cows are usually hanging out. I guess Caroline spotted one while it was pooping and she said, "Mommy, cows are pooping!" I reacted and said, "Eeeewwww, gross!" Caroline followed with "No Mommy it's not gross. Cows are just pooping. Cows don't get a special treat. Only big girls get special treats."

I was at Dr. Amy's office with the kids today and while we were waiting Caroline said, "Don't worry Buddy...I'm Doctor Girl!"

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