08 September 2009


I wanted to share with you Caroline's current drama step by step. Caroline was sitting at the table eating her dinner like a big girl. She was doing a great job until some how she fell through the chair on the floor. This, of course, was very upsetting and embarrassing. Please keep in mind that Tucker and I were the only ones watching.

She got a scrape on her ankle and needed me to kiss it to make it better. So, I kissed it about 6 times. At that point she was able to form a full sentence and ask me for a Barbie band-aid to make it better. I got her the band-aid but she had to "take the little papers off." Easy enough. I handed her the band-aid and sat back down. Suddenly I hear her crying again and saying "oh no, it's ruined!" I am not sure that she has ever said "ruined" before. But sure enough, she said it over and over. I went over to see what happened and she told me that it was "too sticky like." It was a band-aid, after all. That band-aid was in fact ruined and so I got her a new one. Thankfully the new band-aid was more cooperative than the first and it went on without a hitch.

I asked her if it was better, but no such luck. Now she needed pants to make her ankle better. She already had a dress on, so to the closet we went to get her some pants. It was magic! The pants made it all better. I forgot to mention that she has been wearing her new princess crown all afternoon...maybe that is what made this situation even more dramatic than normal.

Here is a hat I am currently knitting. I'm still making bows, too!

Tucker's dinner is way more important than Caroline's drama.

Caroline attempts to put on band-aid #2 .

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