24 September 2009


Today was Cowboy and Cowgirl Day in honor of the letter "C." Caroline was convinced that she was going to ride a horse today. Thankfully, she still had a great day even though no horses were involved. They made the hats and mustaches and painted a picture of a cactus. The class also played pin the nose on the clown and sang songs about cows. Hopefully she now knows the letter "C"...it's kind of important :)

Emma helped Caroline get her glove on while playing dress-up. Actually I think the rest of the class was doing story time, but not these two!

Cute little Tucker boy has some crazy hair!

Caroline and Hattie showing off their mustaches.

Looks like Caroline will be a reader. She was reading a book while her friends were playing. Daddy is so proud!

Cowgirl day is so exciting!!

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