29 March 2010

What's New?

Sorry it has been so long since a blog update. It seems as though we have misplaced our battery charger for the camera, therefore we don't have any recent pictures to share. We have been doing lots of fun things. We have spent lots of time outside on the sunny days. We played in the park and walked to McClurg (the University dining hall) with some friends for dinner. We have picked oodles of daffodils and even some tiny little purple flowers, too. Tucker has been doing great with his potty training! Very rarely does he wear anything other than big boy undies, except at night.

Last week I took the kids to the Creative Discovery Children's Museum in Chattanooga. We were there for almost 4 hours! The kids played so well and didn't want to leave. Caroline was playing in the boat and another little girl joined in. Caroline didn't bother to ask her name, as she just started calling her "best friend." Meanwhile, Tucker frequently called other random children "bad guy!" to their face.

Caroline and Tucker spend a good bit of time trying to get under each other's skin. Tucker prefers to call Caroline a "bad guy" which really gets to her 90% of the time. Every now and then she will surprise us with "Tucker, I'm not a bad guy...hahaha." Tucker has taken a liking to the UPS truck and points it out every time we see one. He likes to then say "I drive UPS truck." Promptly Caroline replies with "No, I drive the UPS truck." And the fight begins. So much fun!

Tuck still loves his trains. Last night he went to bed with 8 (yes, 8!) trains. Usually he just wants Diesel, but last night he needed them all. Before he goes to bed we have to say:
Night, night fire truck,
Night, night bus,
Night, night choo choo train,
Night, night us :)
He has pictures of all these things on his wall and looks at each one of them as we say our night, nights. I'll give Tucker a kiss and then he insists that I give Diesel a kiss, too. Never thought I'd be kissing a Thomas the Train figure good night...the things you do for your kids!

Caroline has been into her babies and being the Mommy. When the weather is nice she strolls her babies around and around our back yard. She also insists on watching Hannah Montana or "Hannah Hannah" as Tucker calls it. She can be such a girly girl! But, she never misses an opportunity to play with the boys (mostly older ones) or dig in the dirt. She and Tucker spent some time today digging and playing with rocks. In true Caroline fashion, she came running to me and said "Mommy, but my hands are dirty!" And once I told her that is usually what happens when you play with dirt she was OK.

Hopefully we will locate the camera charger soon. I don't want to miss out on Easter pictures next weekend.

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