04 March 2010

Big Boy

Is there anything cuter than a little boy in a white t-shirt and boxer briefs? Not in this house there isn't. I guess you could say that we are officially in potty training mode with Tuck. He has done well, however this is completely different than my experience with Caroline. He has some Thomas the Train undies (aka Thomas panties) that he really likes. But when I saw these mini boxer briefs in Target I had to get them. He likes them because there are basketballs and soccer balls on the waistband.

Also, you can see in the background that there is now a toddler bed where his crib used to be. Caroline has been sleeping in the twin bed for a while now, so we decided it was time to pass on her toddler bed to Tucky. He has done really well, as I anticipated he would have a hard time staying in his bed. Fortunately, I was wrong. The morning after his first night in his "big boy bed" Caroline came into our room and said "Mommy, how is Tucker's big boy bed doing this morning?" She was very concerned about how Tucker and the bed would do.

Yesterday during Tucker's nap, I caught her in his room, in his bed with him. She had covered him with pink blankets and put babies next to him. She even brought him a pink pillow. I would have taken a picture but I had to get her out ASAP as I did not want Tuck to wake up. I know it probably would have been a really sweet picture, but it was not worth the risk. And, I was not very happy with her for going in his room while he was napping.

I feel like my baby boy has turned into a big boy overnight. Within about a month's time he has given up his pacifier, crib and now diapers. I am so proud of the little guy for doing such a great job :)

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