09 March 2010

Outta Bed

Tucker has been in his big boy bed for about a week now. Last night I heard him cry and I went in his room and found him on the floor. I picked him up and put him back in his bed and put a pillow on the floor where he "fell out" of his bed. This morning I glanced in his room and did not see Tucker in bed. I knew he had not gotten up already and my heart stopped beating for about 3 seconds when I didn't see him in his bed. I walked in the room and saw him on the floor with his head on a pile of Chad's clothes that had not yet been put away. He was sound asleep. I took these pictures and called Chad in to look at him. At this time he started to move and look around and wonder why he was on the floor. I am not sure what more we can do to keep him in his bed and off the floor...any ideas?

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