18 March 2010

Mayfield Dairy Farm

On the way to West Virginia for Spring Break we made a pit stop at the Mayfield Dairy Farm. It is just north of Chattanooga and we have passed it many times. I have always wanted to stop. I was looking forward to the tour, while the others just wanted the ice cream! Before we went on the tour, we had to put on these red hair nets. (Thankfully there are no pictures of me with the hair net on.) We saw where the milk jugs are made and where/how they fill them with the milk. Our favorite part was seeing the ice cream wing. We saw tons of containers being filled with chocolate ice cream. Of course we had to have some ice cream once it was over. Caroline had chocolate ice cream and Tucker and I shared the Rocky Road. It was so good! Unfortunately, Mayfield only ships their products to stores nearby the factories. So while we can get a good supply of Mayfield products here in Sewanee, it is unlikely that they will be available when we move. Looks like we will need to eat plenty of ice cream between now and then to get our fill!

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