21 March 2010

Lake Cheston

Yesterday we went to Lake Cheston for a picnic. (I don't have any pictures because we were recharging the camera battery.) We had some lunch and got the kite up in the air for a few minutes. Chad took the fishing poles and the kids found worms. Despite many attempts to catch some fish, it just didn't happen. We walked on the trail around the lake and tried several different spots as Caroline really wanted to see a fish.

Towards the end of the trail there is a beach area. Basically it is some imported sand and a shallow area for swimming in the lake. Caroline and Tucker started screaming "beach, beach!" We stopped and they stripped down. Caroline's pants were off and her feet were in the water in no time. Of course Tuck wanted the same thing, he just needed a little help. They did a good job of staying in the shallow water and not going in above their knees. But, then the splashing began and Tucker fell and they were WET!!! I stripped them both down to their shoes and we walked back to the car. Neither of them had undies on for the ride home, just dry pants and jackets. This is really when I wished that I had the camera. It was a sight!

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