25 June 2008

Time to Eat!

This morning we went to the Naples Zoo.  Mom forgot the camera so there are no pictures to share.  Caroline learned about Zebras, a new word for her today.  We saw tigers, lions, leopards, kangaroos, alligators (aka "gate-a"), monkeys, turtles, cheetahs, and much more.  Kids are free and Mom got a membership so we will be making lots of trips to the zoo!

Tucks is now eating baby food and likes most everything but peas.  Today he had some green beans and bananas for lunch ... yummy!

Of course, Caroline was right in the middle of it all and insisted on having a "bite."  Caroline liked this bite of green beans and banana and  continued to say "bite...pease "(no "l" in please)

In between bites, Caroline talked to Hyacinth. This was Tucker's lunch after all. Caroline had already eaten!

No worries ... Tucker did get his share of food and now he he sleeping peacefully on a full belly.  Life is good.

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Brad & Elizabeth said...

Alright, Tucker!! Yea for baby food! Now you can move on to Cheerios. Between you and Noah (Gus, too) you boys would probably consume the entire box! Can't blame you for not liking peas, either