24 June 2008


Here are some random shots of Caroline or "Cay-Ray" as she calls herself.  I guess it is as close to Caroline as she is going to get for the time being.  Caroline is upside down in the first picture.  You can see she is all smiles, as this is one of her favorite positions.  In the next picture she is watching her favorite lady, Hyacinth.  How dare I interrupt her for a picture.  After all, she has only seen that particular episode over 100 times.  Finally, Caroline is trying to "sneak" up the stairs in her church dress. Unfortunately for her, it didn't work and once I got a picture she had to come right back down.

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Brad & Elizabeth said...

Can we use that for your name, too, Caroline?? Ha-ie (Hattie) would find that a little easier, perhaps. She looks at the pictures of y'all at the cross and smiles, points, and laughs. Can't wait to see you!