24 June 2008

A Few More Pictures

This is Caroline and Tucker's room.  Caroline is in a big girl bed and doing quite well, except for the occasional 3am visit to our room!  The room gets lots of morning sun so I had to put up curtains to help block it out in hopes that they would sleep a little later.  These "curtains" were assembled without a sewing machine.  It is amazing what you can do with duct tape!

Caroline's top five reasons for staring out the window: 1) the pool 2) "Ebie", actually that is Elin our neighbor who babysits Caroline  3) Elin's Dad, Greg  who Caroline loves to watch leave for work and then come home in his "truck" ...which she says a million times until you acknowledge that "yes, that is Greg and his truck." 4) "airpanes", no mistake, I left out the "l" on purpose and now she knows they are in the sky 5) did I mention the pool?

I think Tucker was looking at Caroline wondering why she always has to be the center of attention.

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Brad & Elizabeth said...

Very impressive handy work, there, with curtains! We hung blankets in the kids' room because we were receiving too many early wake up calls. Seems to work for now. Great job with the pictures, too! We've fallen a little behind, recently. I'll make sure to put some pictures up soon for Cay Ray.