16 June 2008

Chillin' At the Pool

Literally outside our front door is the pool (you can see our door in the background).  Caroline says "Pooh" for pool.  Though, admittedly, she's confusing this with "Pook" which apparently means #2.

Who knew that southwest Florida had a "rainy season?"  I thought those only existed in the subtropics.  Anyways, every afternoon comes a thunderstorm with heavy rain and wind.  It seems to always happen as Daddy comes home from work, thus preventing a fun afternoon poolside.

Well, this day was an exception and we all got to go out and enjoy Father's Day at the pool.  Tuck even got in the mood to swim, and suited up for the occasion!


Anonymous said...

Glad you all had a nice Father's Day. The kids look great and Mom and Dad look like they're doing okay too. Wish we could get down to see you all - the beaches look gorgeous. Caroline is going to be fishlike before summer's end!! Take care and enjoy!!! Dad and Lisa

Caroline & Tucker said...

Thank you! We're looking forward to visiting the Eastern Shore later this summer...bring on the seafood!!!

Anonymous said...

you are looking hot mama! florida looks sooooo nice. enjoy it!

Brad and Elizabeth said...

Yea - more cute pool pictures!! There's nothing cuter than babies in swimsuits!