14 June 2008

Sewanee, We Miss You!

Each Friday during the summer months, the seminary community gathers in the Woodlands for a cookout--it's the thing to do on a Friday night!  We were fortunate to attend the first one this summer before we left for Florida.  Hopefully, we'll be back in time to make it to the final one. We miss you Sewanee!

Pictured below (from left to right):  Chris Caddell (Texas), Daddio, and Stephen Carson (Texas).

We also had to get one more shot of the kids, being perfectly polite and hungry.  From left to right are Hannah Caddell, Ryan Carson, and Caroline.

P.S.  Whenever we show these blog pictures to Caroline, she names all of her friends (as she giggles of course!).


Brad & Elizabeth said...

we have no fun at all at the BBQ's without you. we just sit around and mope and say, "I wish the Krouses were here." The kids cry the whole time and we all have to drink a lot of beer to make up for Chad.

Caroline & Tucker said...

Chad was in to Gin and Tonics at the last BBQ, remember it's an appropriate summer "drink." But really, it works any time of the year!

Pour some out for us!!!