07 January 2010

"Oh Crap"

A couple nights ago I put Caroline in bed hoping she would stay and there would be no resistance. Sure enough, she was quiet and did not fight it. As I sat in the living room watching TV I thought about how proud I was of her staying in her bed and going to sleep. I got up to get something in the kitchen and noticed a little girl sitting (hiding, rather) under the dining room table in a perfect spot to see the television. I could not believe she was there as it had been about 30 minutes since I put her to bed. I looked at her and in the sternest voice I had, said "Caroline, what are you doing?" Her response (as she hid her head in her arms), "Oh crap." Honestly, I wanted to laugh because it was quite funny. However, I had to continue the mean mommy voice and tell her to get back in bed and that the word "crap" was not allowed. As I left her room, I giggled to myself and then reminded myself in the mean mommy voice that I need to watch my mouth as well.

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