08 January 2010

Fire Truck Cake

So it may not be contest worthy, but I think Tuck will love it! He is napping now and has not seen the cake yet. I must say, this was more work that I expected and icing is not my favorite medium. Now if I can just keep Chad from stealing the Oreos until Tucker officially blows out the candles tomorrow!

Caroline is on the left (note the bow) and Tucker is in the driver's seat.

The number "2" engine for obvious reasons.

Here is the side view on the rosy red fire truck cake.

The back of the cake, with Tucker's initials at the bottom.

Sure hope he likes it because it may be a while before I attempt something like this again!


Anonymous said...

What a special cake. I know he'll love it! Happy Birthday, Tuck!

Chad M. Krouse said...

Can't wait to see what you're going to make for my birthday cake!