25 January 2010

No More Pacies!

We did it! No more pacifiers in the Krouse house! On Saturday, we were on our way home from Chattanooga and the kids were exhausted. They both fell asleep in the car without the assistance of a pacifier. As they were sleeping so peacefully, I asked Chad if he was up for the challenge of becoming a paci-free house. After a very brief moment of silence, Chad hesitantly said, "well...OK."
We came home and put Tucker down in his crib to finish his nap. He went right back to sleep with no mention of a paci. We put Caroline in her room to finish her nap, but she immediately asked for a pacifier. When I told her that she and Tucker were not using pacifiers anymore she began to cry and cry. I knew this transition would be harder for her than Tucker. Although she did not go back to sleep, Caroline did spend about an hour in my arms. I must say that even though she was unhappy and whimpering, it was some good snuggle time!

Yesterday, as the kids were playing with their friends, Tucker found a pacifier. He did not put it in his mouth or even try to take it. He picked it up and looked for it's owner. Yay Tucker! Also, one of Caroline's friends had a paci and Caroline had to point that out to me. She was fine with it, but just wanted me to know that she saw it and didn't want it. Yay Caroline!

I have been very surprised at how well the kids have done. I really thought taking the pacifiers away was going to be a huge battle and Chad and I would end up caving in and giving back the pacies. I have frequently reminded the kids (mostly Caroline) that we don't use pacifiers anymore. She would proudly look at me and say "Yes Mommy. We don't need pacies. They are for babies." Tucker has not asked for a paci at all. It is like he never even had one. Thus far, we have gotten through two days of naps and two solid nights of sleep with no major paci issues. This has been great (and unexpected)! Best of all, I can see how proud Caroline is that she was able to give up her pacies cold turkey. I think she may have even surprised herself. Hallelujah is all I have to say!

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