26 January 2010

Fowler Center Play Time

Last night we all went to the Fowler Center for some play time. The kids had not been out of the house all day and they really needed a new space to get some energy out! Chad worked out on the tread mill while the kids and I walked (and ran) some laps around the indoor track. Tucker was very interested in the boy that was playing basketball. Tucker had his football and tried to play basketball with it hoping the older boy would notice his skills. Unfortunately, a football doesn't quite work on a basketball court.

After we finished on the track, we went to check on Daddy and see how he was doing. The kids sat on a bench right behind the tread mill and watched Chad for a few minutes. Before long, Caroline noticed the big green exercise ball that was unattended. She grabbed the ball and ran into the nearby racquetball room. This was perfect! We've all wished for a big room where the kids could play and not get hurt, and here it was! Caroline had the bouncy ball, Tucker had his football and there was nothing but open space and four walls one of which was glass so I could see their every move. They could squeal and scream and have a blast while I sat quietly on a bench outside the room. It was great!

Once they were finished in there, we walked over to the indoor tennis courts and watched the people play tennis. Caroline was excited by this and really wanted to get down there with them and play. Thankfully at this point, Chad finished up and it was time to go. As we walked to the car (by way of the indoor pool to say bye to the water), Caroline said, "whew, I'm warming out." What she really meant was, "I'm worn out." Either way...I'll take it! Mission Accomplished!

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