31 December 2009

Handmade Christmas 2009

My goal of "Handmade Christmas 2009" was not only accomplished, but very successful! I made everything except the gifts for the kids. I am not a toymaker so I figured that I better do some shopping for them. I gave the following gifts:

-8 matted 4x6 watercolor paintings by Caroline
-10 handpainted ornaments embellished with ribbon
-2 ornaments decoupaged with pictures of the kids
-4 sets of notecards from pictures that Chad and I have taken
-variety of knitted items including 4 hats and a scarf
-a framed needlepoint monogram
-1 framed 8x10 acrylic painting
-1 8x10 watercolor by Caroline
-1 hand embroidered lace
-4 hair bows
-2 framed pictures taken by me

I think this is it, if I remember correctly. I really enjoyed handmaking everything. I was proud of the gifts as I knew that each item was made specifically for each person/family. Somehow these gifts seemed more meaningful than just choosing something off the store shelf. It was definitely less stressful. Because we live an hour away from civilization, it is often difficult to get to a real shopping area. I am not sure when I would have gotten any shopping done, if I had to buy gifts. I hope that this is a tradition I can continue as I have gotten lots of positive feedback! Below are some pictures of a few of the items that were given this Christmas.


Haley and Brian said...

Will loves his new hat! Thank you so much. You are very talented!

Brian and Haley

Jenny said...

Wow, you are talented!! Those kind of gifts are much more meaningful than something bought at the store.

Glad you guys had a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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