04 December 2009

Catching Up

Sorry it has been a few days since there has been an update. We have been on the go but I'll try to fill you in on some key moments over the past few days.

On Monday, the kids and I went to Tracy City (or if you are from around here, "Trayceee Seaty") for lunch at the Dutchmaid Bakery. Fortunately for Tuck, it is located across the street from the fire station. There was an ambulance parked in front of the station that Tucker had to see. I had to position his high chair so that he could see the ambulance at all times. We had a nice hot home-cooked meal which included mac-n-cheese. At one point, I heard Tucker say "truck...mac-n-cheeeeese," "truck...mac-n-cheeeeese." Next thing I know, his matchbox car was submerged in the bowl of macaroni and cheese. He is such a boy.

On Tuesday we went to school as normal and then went to Shenanigan's for lunch. Caroline was very upset that The Crust was closed for lunch because she really wanted pizza! I did have a frozen pizza at home that Chad fixed the kids for dinner. I had my final meeting for the PMO Board and Spouses Board. It was such a good feeling to pass those jobs off to the enthusiastic new folks. After the meetings, we had wine and cake to celebrate! Well, the senior spouses were celebrating anyway.

Wednesday was another busy day. The kids and I, along with a friend made a quick trip to Murfreesboro to go to Hobby Lobby and Target. We came home for a quick nap and then went back to school to set up tables for the upcoming craft fair. Once we finished setting up, we came home, had dinner, kids went to bed and Chad painted his icon and I went back to school to take my items to display on the table.

Back to PMO on Thursday. Caroline had a good day and showed interest in a new activity. She sat at a table in her classroom and sorted small (pretend) pieces of fruit for quite a while. The teacher initiated the activity and the entire class took turns at the table doing this task. However, to my surprise Caroline loved sorting and did it quite well. The teacher had to put the fruits away to get her to stop. I liked that she was so into putting everything where it belonged as I think that is something she has gotten from me. Now if I could only get her to do that in her room!

Also going on was the Seminarian Craft Fair. I think it was a big success and I am so glad that we did it. It gave seminarians and their families the opportunity to sell their handcrafted items and make some extra Christmas cash. It also provided a shopping opportunity for the seminary community. We had nine vendors and we made a combined total of approximately $1800. That was great and a much bigger total than I anticipated. I was very pleased, not only with my sales, but with the support and involvement of the entire seminary community.

Today was no exception as we didn't sit still for long. This morning we went back to school (yes, I feel like I live there!) to take down the tables from last night's craft fair and also set up for tomorrow's Morning with St. Nicholas program. After lunch, the kids stayed home with Chad and napped while I ran some errands. Dinner, baths, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse filled the evening before bedtime. And now, finally it is bedtime. Caroline just fell asleep on the couch and Tucker is talking himself to sleep in his crib. My bed is calling....Good Night :)

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