13 December 2009

Tucker Gets His Ears Lowered

I did it. I cut his hair. I loved his ringlets that bounced off the nape of his neck. I loved that he was almost 2 and had never had so much as one strand of hair cut. I loved that he still looked like my little baby with his curly blonde hair. I also loved that Caroline frequently referred to Tucker's hair as "Tucker's curlies." But, it was time. I have been thinking about it for about a week. Because of the dry weather, his hair was not as curly as normal and it was staring to look long and stringy...not my favorite look.

Tonight, after our friends left, I got the scissors and decided I couldn't wait another day. Poor guy was starting to look like no one cared about him, which we know is NOT the case! He did really well, as I don't think he had a clue what I was doing. Caroline, of course, wanted to cut Tucker's hair, too. I think I did a pretty good job. We'll see how it looks in the next few days. It is still curly even though I cut off about 2 inches in some spots. Other areas just needed a trim. He is still the cutest little guy I've ever seen, just with shorter hair.



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Our Side of the Mountain said...

Yay! The curls are still there! It looks just like Henry's!!!! :)