18 October 2010

Tucker's Lullaby

Every night I sing to Tucker. Not your typical lullaby but an old Dixie Chicks song. It is one that the lead singer wrote for her son. It goes like this:

Rapid Racer's all tuckered out.
Superman's in pajamas on the couch
Good night moon, you'll find the mouse
and I love you.
God speed little man
Sweet dreams little man
Oh my love will fly to you each night on angel's wings
God speed and sweet dreams.

He loves it for several reasons.
1- I often substitute "speed racer" for "rapid racer"
2-He like to hear the phrase "tuckered out" and thinks the song is really about him
3-He thinks that instead of "God speed" I am saying "Go Speed..." He follows this up with "go Speed Racer!"

It is really sweet that he likes this song so much and reminds me to song it to him if I forget. Actually, I never forget I just think I can get away without singing it some nights. He will say "Sing a song to me Mommy." And, should I start the sing too soon, he will say "Not yet Mommy, not yet."

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