23 October 2010

Feeding the Animals

This week after school we met up with Courtney, Hayden and Hunter. They were feeding the horses and goats for their neighbors and invited us to come along. Tucker had no fear and climbed right up the gate to be eye to eye with the horses. At one point he even kissed the horse but unfortunately my camera was not ready. Caroline enjoyed playing with Hayden as we suspect there may be a romance budding. Hayden and Caroline had a tendency to "disappear" and the we would find them off in the corner of the barn alone. So much for the little brothers tagging along! After we fed the animals we went back to Courtney's house for dinner. Hayden continued to woo Caroline...at one point she had drawn a picture on the magna-doodle and he immediately said "Taroline, it's bootiful!" And then when it was time to get in the car and go home, he ran out after us to tell Caroline to call him on his cell phone. It was funny and Caroline loved the attention.

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