31 October 2010

Speed Racer and Strawberry Shortcake

Last night we went to Trunk-or-Treat at Tucker's school. It was a huge event as it was open to the community. I had no idea it was going to be so big! Tucker saw the bounce house as we pulled up and said "Mom, is that my school?!?!?!" He was so excited! It was fun and well planned. There was a separate area for younger kids which was great since there were so many "older" kids there. Caroline and Tucker played some games, won some prizes and had a blast in the bounce house!

In the parking lot, church members set up trick-or-treating stations for the kids. When we first got there around 6pm, the line for the candy was ridiculously long. There was no way we were going to make the kids stand in line just to get free candy. By the time we were ready to leave around 7:30 there was no line...it was perfect! The kids got a little bit of candy and were happy!

This has been a fun Halloween weekend for the kids. They really got into it this year and said "trick-or-treat" without prompting and we even heard a few "thank yous." Although it was a little easier this year, I still miss the days at Sewanee when we could go around with all our friends. We knew everyone's house that we went to for candy. Trick-or-treating in the Woodlands was the best. My favorite part was dinner at the Carson's house and sitting by the fire pit outside while the kids sorted through and ate their candy. I knew I'd miss it, and I do.

Mom, Tucker and Caroline looking for candy!

The bounce house!

Caroline and Tucker waited patiently in line for the slide and fun house.

Speed Racer and Strawberry Shortcake trying to hug for a picture.

Caroline hopped over 3 pumpkins for a prize!

Tucker and Caroline in the bounce area for the younger kids.

Speed Racer could hardly see because of his hat...yet, he refused to take it off!!!

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