31 May 2010

Where Have We Been....?

We've been packing and making houses out of boxes! Our house is a total disaster as we have been preparing to move to Virginia. There are boxes and newspaper everywhere. In the Fall I started getting rid of things and thinning out in anticipation of our move. I have even given bags and bags of clothes and shoes to a homeless shelter. I have sold multiple items on classifieds here at Sewanee. We have had 2 yard sales and at this point we are giving away items on our front porch.

I vow to never have this much stuff again. Granted, we did have a lot of baby items that got shoved in the attic after Tucker was born when they should have been donated at that point. But really, I don't need enough home accessories to decorate 6 houses. Why do I need items that have been in the attic untouched for 3 years? If I haven't used them in 3 years then chances are I don't need them. Now I do recognize that there are a few exceptions. I have some additional china in boxes because it wouldn't fit in our china cabinet. I have a box for the kids of special blankets and baby items that I want to keep for them. But, I also had enough fabric and craft supplies to open my own craft store...ridiculous!

We have donated, sold, or given away to friends many, many things....and boy do I feel a lot lighter! It really is a good feeling to give something away and know that it will actually be put to good use and not sit in an attic. Of course these friends are probably gonna hate me when it is time for them to move on and pack up their belongings!

So, in my quest to live a more simple, clutter free life, I feel like I am off to a good start. Just to give you an idea...It took a tractor trailer (53ft) plus 2 cars full of things to get all our things here when we moved. (Keep in mind that it was just 3 of us at that point because Tucker wasn't here yet.) Tomorrow, we are leaving with everything in a 24ft Budget truck and some leftovers in the back of our Jeep. I feel good :)

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Heather Tyner said...

Well done Mary! It does feel good to simplify. Thoughts and prayers for you as you begin a new life in Virginia. I hope you will continue blogging.