14 May 2010

Pre-Children's Crossing Photos

As we waited for 5:00 to come around and the service to start, we tried to get some group pictures of the kids. I am not sure that we got one of all eight kids, but we did get some good "action shots." Hattie, Noah, Hannah, Gus, Ryan, Megan, Caroline and Tucker have spent the last 3 years (or 2ish years for the younger ones since they were born here) playing together. They have done lots of fun things like play at PMO, meet at the Woodlands park when the mommies need some Mommy time, walk (or run) through Abbo's Alley, play at the Fowler Center on cold or rainy days and have play dates at one another's house. What a GREAT time is has been for these kids and their friends. Caroline and Tucker will miss you all!

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