08 May 2010

Construction Boy

Tucker is obsessed with construction vehicles. (He pronounces this "cun-struh-shun" and says it with the slightest southern accent.) We have a book about construction and he can name all the different types of trucks, excavators, backhoes, etc. On the way to Monteagle, we pass several construction sites. About halfway down the road there is a construction area with huge sand piles. Last night Tucker said "ca ha dat m'birday?" This of course means, "Can I have that for my birthday?" Yes, this little boy wants a huge sand pile and some construction vehicles for his birthday...in January! My answer was "sure Tuck, you can have it for your birthday..." hoping he won't remember by the time January rolls around. We also had to drive (very slowly) by another area on campus where they had been doing some digging with a mini excavator. As we approached the dirt pile, I slowed down and rolled down Tucker's window so he could have a prime view of the dirt pile. He waved and said "night, night" to the dirt pile. I love this little "cun-struh-shun" boy!

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