31 August 2009

What's Mom Doing?!?!

This isn't exactly an update on what the kids are doing, but rather an update on what I have been doing. Other than baking bread, recruiting bread bakers, getting ready for PMO, organizing date night, getting sitters for date night and taking care of the fam, I have been making bows.

I started making them for Caroline and ended up with more than she will ever wear. I have really enjoyed making them and I especially love picking out the ribbon. I am selling the bows by word of mouth and hopefully I will have a booth at the local craft fair in October. I have attempted Etsy.com but not with the bows yet. I felt like I may have better luck with all my Facebook friends and anyone who may be looking at this.

Here are some of the bows I have made. I am open to requests if there is a specific bow you are looking for and cannot find. Caroline modeled a bow for me but only after I bribed her with candy. When the candy doesn't work for her anymore, don't be surprised to find Tucker modeling the bows...kidding :)


Jenny said...

How much are you selling them for?

Caroline & Tucker said...

The price depends on the size. The smallest ones are $2 and the largest ones are $5. I'm going to try to sort them by price and post pictures soon.