17 August 2009

Camden Park

The first week of August we drove to Huntington to spend some time with Chad's family. The kids did very well on the 8 hour car ride. We had lots of fun in West Virginia, but I think the trip to Camden Park took the cake. The kids loved riding the rides that Chad (and Nena!) rode when they were kids. Caroline and Tucker went on a roller coaster for the first time and loved it. Caroline rode on the log flume with Chad and decided not to try that one again! Here are some pictures of the kids riding the rides.


Haley and Brian said...

Whoa, I cannot believe that Camden Park has not changed! I still remember riding in those cars and the boat. The water in the log flume is probably still the same. I look forward to being able to take Will there one day and give him a taste of WV!

Jenny said...

I remember riding all those same rides too! It was always so fun to go to Camden Park. Glad you guys had fun!