12 July 2008

Caroline at the Waterpark

This morning Mom and I took Caroline to the Sun-N-Fun Lagoon.  It was lots of fun!  The first picture shows the Tadpole Pool where we spent most of our time.  The big fish that you see is really a slide.  The kids slide down through his mouth.  The last picture shows Caroline standing in the mouth of this fish deciding if she wants to slide down.  Of course she did eventually slide down, but only after standing at the top to look around at everyone else.  She held up the line each time she went down the slide so the kids behind her would get closer and closer, not to mention more impatient.  As the kids behind her approached she had to turn around and look at them and say "NO!" over and over.  Funny thing is, she does not like her space invaded but she sure doesn't mind invading someone else's space.  We also went in the lazy river several times.  Caroline sat in my lap and enjoyed the ride.  I would have loved to get more/better pictures, but after all we were at a water park...not exactly a camera friendly place.  (In the Tadpole Pool, the fish on the tall poles squirt out water, so you never know when and where they will squirt water, thus making it very difficult to get pictures with a non-waterproof camera!)

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