04 July 2008

At the Parade

This morning we walked downtown to see the Fourth of July parade.  Tucker fell asleep about 30 seconds after we put him in the stroller.  The sirens and music woke him up once the parade started.  Then he saw all that he was missing out on and didn't go back to sleep!

Caroline spent most of the parade on Chad's shoulders watching all the floats go by.  She loved all the action!

This is Caroline pre-parade.  She had a few minutes to run around before the parade started.

In this picture, Caroline is on Chad's shoulders and holding on for dear life.  In case you are wondering about her hair (and I know there are some of you that are!), her bangs are pushed over to the side and actually staying there thanks to the sweat!

Caroline and Chad waiting for the parade to start.  Of course we couldn't leave Zoe at home!  She would have missed out on the fun!

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Anonymous said...

ya'll are overtime on the blog!
the "hoodie nakin out" is my favorite.
see if anyone non-family gets that one!
happy 4th-
love bigger p