28 June 2010

Tucker Gets a Trim

So Tucker got his first "real" haircut or I would say "trim" is more like it. On Saturday morning the kids and I went with Grandaddy to do some errands, one of which was the barber shop. As Grandaddy was getting his hair cut, the kids we having a hard time sitting still and being patient. I told them that if they didn't sit still then they would be next in the barber's chair. Well, this approach totally worked for Caroline as there was no way she was going to let that strange man cut her hair! But, Tucker was a different story.

As soon as the chair was empty, Tucker jumped right up there saying "It's Tucker's turn. It's Tucker's turn." I must say, I was shocked that he was actually going to let someone take scissors to his hair. I have cut his hair once in December of 2009 and that is the only haircut he has had. Period. I have tried a couple times since then to trim a few pieces but he was not willing and reached for the scissors each time. So, I gave up. And, quite frankly his hair is pretty cute. There have been multiple times that strangers would comment on his hair and say how much they loved the blonde curls.

So, as he sat perfectly still in the barber shop chair, I carefully watched every little piece of blonde hair fall to the floor. I gave instructions to take a little off the top but not to touch the curls in the back or on the sides. Thankfully, the barber followed my instructions. Once it was all through, Tucker got to pick out a piece of candy from the candy drawer. I was so proud of Tucker for being such a big boy...and I admit, I had my doubts about the whole thing. Way to go, Tuck :)

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