28 June 2010

OC Fun

Last week we spent a couple days in Ocean City with Aunt Annie and Bull. We went out on the boat, played at the beach, went swimming and watched the pirate ship takes loads of tourists on a pirate tour. One evening we went to the boardwalk and played games and rode the rides. The kids rode tons and tons of rides and I even rode a couple (I had to too, because Tucker and Caroline were too short). After we went through all 120 tickets, we got ice cream. It was the perfect ending to a fun day.

The next day we went to Jolly Rogers Waterpark. The kids loved it...and I did, too! Tucker went down all the water slides that he was tall enough to go on. Once he got bored sliding down on his bum, he flipped around and slid down on his belly. Caroline did the water slide too, but I think she really liked swimming in the shallow pools. She was very proud of herself for not needing any help. We had a great time and slept well for days after all the OC fun!

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