21 April 2010

Veggie Burgers

It has been over a month since I have eaten meat. The kids have had their share of chicken at restaurants, but I haven't prepared any meals with meat at home. This is actually going quite well. I have fixed tofu a couple of times. Tucker liked it. Caroline did not. They have eaten more veggies and fruit than they used to. That is definitely a good thing. I don't know that either child has missed having meat for dinner. Tucker is pretty good about eating anything that is on his plate (as long as he is in the mood to eat) and Caroline never was a big fan of anything other than chicken. I know exactly where she gets that from...(me!).

Tonight for dinner I fixed veggie burgers for the first time. I have had them before and learned that the more condiments you put on the burger, the better it tastes. So, we loaded them up. Tucker seemed to like his burger. Caroline immediately took the burger off the bun and started to eat just the bun. She informed me that she was in fact eating her burger. Apparently we have a different definition of what a burger is.

About halfway through dinner, I noticed that she was putting her carrot sticks on the bun. My first thought was to tell her not to do that because I can't imagine how that would taste. But, then I realized that if it tastes good to her, that is just fine with me. And, actually, she was having a veggie burger...Caroline style!

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