25 April 2010

Abbo's Alley

Friday was beautiful day! The kids and I took a walk on Abbo's Alley for the millionth time, yet it never gets old. As we approached the gazebo, we saw Ava's preschool class celebrating a birthday party. The teacher came over to us and offered the kids a cupcake, which they gladly took! Tucker took a few bites and said "This is 'suspicious,' Mom." What he was trying to say was "delicious."

We threw pebbles in the stream, picked flowers and stuffed them in pockets, pointed out every azalea bush we saw, climbed on rocks and watched the goldfish. There was lots to do on this little walk. At the end of the path there is a cave. Caroline and Tucker both stripped down to nothing but their shirts and waded in the cold, murky water. They did not want to leave!

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MacMonster said...

I love your posts. I was about the same age as Caroline and Tucker when we were in Sewanee (2 to 5). They will have magical memories!