10 January 2009

Good Things...

No new pictures to share on this posting.  I thought I'd try something new and list some "Good Things (as Martha would say) that are going on right now.  

1.  PMO & school start again on Monday! Yay!!  We are all very excited about this.
2.  Caroline's newest saying is "What should I do, Mom?" as she holds up her hands.  She must have seen this on TV, but it is really cute!
3. Tucker's grin.  Enough said.  It is the best!
4. Caroline is starting to say "no thank you" or "thank you" more and more.  Finally...manners!!
5. Tucker is the best eater I have ever seen.  He loves to pick his food up by himself and eat it.  No more baby here.  He will not eat anything off a spoon as I guess he thinks it is baby food!
6.  Today Hattie and Noah came over to play.  Caroline was especially excited to see them again.  It had been almost two weeks since they have played together.  Oh how they missed each other!
7. As we speak, both kids are napping.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have quiet time for me.  I love it!
8.  Everyday Caroline proves yet again how much she loves her brother.  It is wonderful to watch them play and laugh together.  I am convinced that she thinks we had Tucker just so she would have someone to play with all the time.
9.  One of the best things that Chad and I have done during the break is taking turns getting up with the kids.  This means I get to "sleep in" every other day.  By sleeping in I mean I don't get out of bed until 8:30 or 9.  You probably need to be a parent to fully appreciate this.  Sleeping in is huge!
10.  I finally got a pass to the Fowler Center (gym/workout center)!  Hopefully I will have enough motivation to use it several times a week.

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Jenny said...

Isn't it funny how the definition of "sleeping in" changes so dramatically once you have kids??