09 January 2009

Birthday Boy!!!

Tucker turned 1 today!!!  So of course we had to have the messy birthday cake pictures.  Caroline truly believed that this was her birthday cake, so to avoid a meltdown on this happy day, I let her think that this was her cake.  Unfortunately I loaded the pictures backwards so you see the end result of chocolate cake first.  Scroll from the bottom up and it will make more sense.   (We have a 6 minute long video I have tried several times to post.  It is timing out and not letting me post it to youtube.  I'll try again tomorrow.)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tucker!!! You look like a big boy in these pictures, especially when you're in the heating vent!! Hope you had a very happy first birthday and that Caroline enjoyed it too. Guess Mom and Dad had a big clean up job!! Love and hugs, Grandmama and Grandaddy

BB said...

Wow, that's kinda fun to watch in reverse order! Too funny about the air vent! Happy Birthday Tucker!