28 October 2008

PMO Halloween

Today at PMO, the kids went trick or treating around the offices at the Seminary.  They got way too much candy as all the seminarians handed out candy as well.  It took Caroline a minute to realize what was going on.  What a great idea---you have a bag that looks like a pumpkin and people willingly fill it with candy!  Life is great!

Tucker as a dalmation...a sleepy one!

Caroline was breaking into her bag of candy while the rest of the kids were posing for a picture.

Tucker and sleepy Phoebe the bear.

All 14 PMO kids dressed up!

Firefighter Caroline and Nurse Hattie.

"Help Mom!"  That hat just wouldn't stay on!

Floppy-eared Tuck!

Caroline in her homemade costume complete with crazy static hair.

"KROUSE" on the back of her costume.

Tucker and his friends: Phoebe the bear, Gus the bear (minus the bear head) and Noah the monkey with a banana on his head!


Anonymous said...

Mary, These pictures are just precious. Caroline is so cute as a fireman and you did a super job with both of the costumes. Bless his heart, Tucker is just so docile!! He's a perfect dalmation. Hugs to all, Lisa

Anonymous said...

These costumes are darling, Mary! You did such a great job on them. Oh what fun to see all the children in their Halloween getup! They are indeed precious (: