22 October 2008


Caroline with her "Purple and Pink Pretty Paige Purse!"  She had just opened this birthday present and was VERY excited about it!  If you look closely, you can see her new tricycle in the background.

Caroline is showing me the pumpkin she is about to eat while modeling her new shirt.

I'm not sure what Caroline was thinking in this picture...can't be good!

Right before I took this picture Caroline was dancing along with some show on Noggin...kids TV channel.

This is Caroline's favorite drawer.  At school, she learned about hearts and the color pink.  What a perfect shirt to wear!

Alas, she found what she was looking for.  Caroline likes to dance in the kitchen while I am fixing dinner and listening to the radio.  The "hurt" on her left knee didn't slow her down!  She fell last week and scraped her knee and her nose!

On Friday we took Caroline to the Chattanooga Aquarium as a belated birthday present (she was sick on her actual birthday).  Here she is concentrating on the penguins!  She really liked them!    

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