03 May 2008

Building a Vocabulary

Caroline is starting to talk.  Here's a running list of words that she can say:
  • Daddy (my favorite)
  • Ma-ri (for Mary, I taught her that)
  • Tar-tar (for Tucker)
  • Pass (for Pacifier)
  • Ju-ss (for Juice)
  • Hyi-th (for our lady, Hyacinth)
  • C-ya (for See you later)
  • Bye-bye
  • Ma-ma
  • Side (outside)
  • Dawwg (dog)
  • Ha-ee (Hattie)
  • Uh-oh
  • No!
  • Ca-ar (car)
  • Pooooh  (Winnie or poop)
  • Elbo (Elmo)
  • Upp-a  (I want up please)
  • Pees (please)
  • Cheesh (cheese)
In addition to these words, she can blow kisses on command, wave good bye, and give you a kiss (opened mouth though) if you ask her!

1 comment:

Brad & Elizabeth said...

i think hattie's word for caroline is an indistinguishable....ahahahahahah, of excitement when they see who can scream louder!