15 March 2011

Oh Tuck!

Tucker hasn't been the easiest child since he turned 3 a few months ago. I guess this is what people say about "the terrible 2's." I must have been spoiled because the 2's weren't so bad for Tucker...he was super sweet and loving! Maybe he just feels like a big boy now and challenges Caroline (and me) on everything. Here is a quick story of an situation that just occured.

I am sitting in the chair watching Tucker and Caroline watch a new Curious George. Tucker comes over and sits in my lap, gives me a sweet kiss and says "I'm gonna marry you Mommy." I said "what did you say Tuck?" He replied with excitement in his voice, "I'm gonna marry you Mommy!" I give him a kiss and snuggle with him as long as he will let me hold him. All the while, I am loving this moment and thinking about how he used to do things like this all the time...well, at least sit in my lap and snuggle. About two minutes later he gets fidgety and kicks me. I told him not to do it again. Sure enough, he does it again. So, I popped him on the foot. He cries (mostly fake and only because he was shocked that I did it) and runs to Caroline saying "Mommy hit me" and pulling the pity card. She buys it, hugs him and says "come here sweet boy" in the most pitiful voice you can imagine. The she says "I'm sorry Tucker. Sometimes Mommies and Daddies have to do that." This of course in the most rational, adult voice you can imagine.

This occurred in about a three minute span...imagine how many more of these little scenarios happen throughout our day...and you wonder why the blog isn't updated more often.


Anonymous said...

Love the story! I can see it played out before me as I read :)
Caroline and Tucker are growing up all too quickly...Love and miss you all.
Nena and Poppy

Julie Carson said...

I love that!! Needed my fix on Tuck and Caroline :) Miss you all!! love, julie