21 September 2010


Who knew that packing lunch for school could be so challenging? I mean I can only pack a peanut butter sandwich for so many weeks in a row. I have made a very strong effort to make sure that Caroline and Tucker have healthy foods to eat. Tucker is a little more adventurous than Caroline as she is at this point a vegetarian too. I pack lots of fruit and carrots and celery. Recently they have been on a cantaloupe kick and can't seem to get enough. Caroline has also been eating a lot of yogurt and a couple times I have included a homemade trail mix that I make from different cereals with the occasional chocolate chip thrown in. They love this. Caroline will not eat the lunch that the school provides and I am ok with this. I'd rather her not have hotdogs, corndogs, cheeseburgers, pizza and barbequed chicken for lunch. I don't consider these healthy or appetizing options for my PreK-er. I continue to look for new and exciting things to pack in their lunchboxes. I try to cut their peanut butter sandwich in a fun shape (after I sprinkle flax seed on top of the peanut butter...they haven't caught on to this yet!). So, my lunches may seem boring but once I see the food that the other kids are eating, I am glad that Tucker and Caroline are getting a "boring" lunch and one not filled with fruit snacks, cheese-its, and other non-nutritious food.

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