29 August 2010

School Spirit

After school on Friday, all Caroline could talk about was the "pepper ally" that they had at school. Her class got to walk over to the "big kid" gym and watch the cheerleaders and see the football boys. I asked her how she liked the cheerleaders and she enthusiastically said "Mom, there were these two cheerleaders and then they put a girl on top and threw her into the air!" Amazingly enough, I was able to convince Caroline to participate in school spirit day and wear red like her teacher had asked.

I decided that I would take the kids to the football game that evening at 7 pm. Caroline was so excited and Tucker was ready to see the football boys. This was the first football game that either of them had been to. I practically had to hold Caroline and Tucker back from running up to the gates. Once we entered Tucker immediately saw one of his buddies from his school. He and Griffin played and played and played!

The kids were treated to popcorn and M & M's while they watched the game. As we sat on the bleachers Caroline would say "Mom, there's Mrs. Johnson, there's Mrs. Tyree, there's Ashley" and on and on. I bet she recognized at least a dozen people. Pretty good for a little girl that has only been at school for two weeks! Once they were finished with their snacks, Caroline decided that she couldn't live without a red and black pom pom that the cheerleaders were selling. So, at halftime we found some cheerleaders and got two pom poms.

Tucker continued to play with his buddy and Caroline watched every move that the cheerleaders made. At one point I caught her with her hands up in the air imitating the cheerleaders. Fuqua won the game by 30+ points. After the game the kids ran to the field and pretended to be football players. Tuck and Griffin chased each other and even snuck in a few "tackles." I could just envision them in 12 years or so actually playing on that same field. (Although, I am still not sure if I will let Tucker play football or not...I don't want my little boy to be tackled! Too bad, I won't have a say in the matter...) We really enjoyed our little outing. The kids had fun and lasted through the entire game. I think we'll try it again next time there is a home game...Go Falcons!

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