01 April 2009

Kids' Morning Out

The sun is out!!!  This morning Hattie came over to play and we stayed outside the entire time.  They pushed the stroller and grocery cart around, picked flowers and colored with chalk.  They took turns with the crown and Zoe, and even shared the chalk (the pink and purple were favorites today).  Caroline and Hattie invented their own version of hopscotch or "hotchscotch" as Hattie called it.  Sadly, when Hattie had to go home, Caroline had a tea party by herself.  Tucker was napping the entire time and missed the fun.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe Caroline is actually keeping something on her head in her hair! No bows or headband---who would have thought that a crown would work???? I love it---what a doll! Both she and Hatie are adorable and such great friends!